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History of the company since 1992


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The beginning of the year passed in token of the expansion to the American market. To be able to fill the increasing demand, many  Czech producers doubled the moulds. There are also new projects from pilotless aircraft branch coming, two of them reached the phase of the model moulds production and laminate parts production.

The serial production of VIVA aircraft is branched out step by step – in 2008 first two aircraft are delivered to the customers. At the same time test flights and complete certification of the aircraft take place in Germany at the Wezel Flugzeugtechnik company.

After opening the Schengen area the company takes three abroad flights connected with trade fairs, where the results of its several years of work are successfully presented.


Especially big projects from shipping industry branch are considered to be the leitmotives of this year. In particular nine-meter long casco manufactured for a Swiss customer belongs to the main important ones. There have been more than thirty pieces of this type of ships manufactured up to now and all of them gain the trophies at the prestigious competitions both in Europe and overseas.

Relatively new branch of safety items participates largely on the turn-over which has increased of thirteen procent in comparison with the last year. Here we can name partly production of bullet proof vests ballistic panels for prestigeous company, partly production of the helmets for army and police.

Since the beginning of the year the aviation industry has been gaining huge rate, expecially on the part of US. Czech republic becomes the notable supplier of ultralight aircrafts for american continent. And that is just Composit Airplanes which supplies the most of Czech producers with the component parts.

The prototype of own aricraft VIVA comes to its final phase. It has been successfully presented by the company at the international Fair Trade AERO in German Friedrichshafen.

The company approves the last production facilities, which in the end of the year are situated on 2500 square meters and the number of employees increases up to fifty people.


Up to this time the company has been engaged mainly in moulds production and lamination. In 2006 a new experience with its own aircraft assembly comes – the prototype of a new ultralight sport aircraft VIVA has been finished. On 26th April 2006 it was festively test-flown at Choceň airport by Mr. Unzeitig. In the second half-year mainly the development and certification of the aircraft has been worked on. At the same time the preparation for the serial production is in progress.

In the end of the year there were next 1000 square meters of certified premices for lamination approoved. The company opened a new workplace here with a RTM technology, which accelerates very fast and which finds the use mainly in automotive industry and at the bus production.

The company increased the turn-over in fifteen procents in comparison with last year.


The year 2004 means first of all the year of investments for Composit Airplanes company. After many years of leases the company buys the current buildings which can be fully addapted according to the demands of the production.


In 2003 especially the serial production of many aircrafts takes place. The company takes other emploees on and takes part in the aviation Trade Fair AERO in German Friedrichshafen for the first time, where it gains several new customers.

In the autumn Composit Airplanes company established the co-operation with Bilsing Automation company, which is engaged in production of robots and all mechanization and automatization for automobile industry. Manufacturing programme was that way extended for carbon arms for assembly lines of prestigeous producers of automobiles and buses.


In 2002 the company finished and delivered two big projects. The first one was the production and testing of the hydroplane prototype for a German customer, the second one was the finishing of the moulds for ultralight all laminate one-seat sail plane APIS and production of its first prototypes. It is equipped with a HIRT engine which can be flapped into the backside of the fuselage.


Composit Airplanes company won its first big award at the aerial Trade Fair in Jihlava - a third place for the development of technology for planes production.


In 1999 our company made a strategic contract with a giant producer of acrobatic and traffic airplanes of EXTRA type concerning the supplies of most laminate component parts. Not just the quality of the production but also the providing of complete services, from the model, through the lay-outs up to the production of the special mould bespeak for the benefit of Czech supplier.


In 1995 Composit Airplanes established a cooperation with TL-ULTRALIGHT company from which it gained the order for covering of 160 pieces of CONDOR planes.


History of Composit Airplanes company goes back to 1992. At that time we started at German RANS company with a construction of ultralight plane COYOTE R6 and SACOTA S10. After this one year cooperation we moved to Czech Republic, built-up a reliable background and we made our first step into the aircraft industry. Assembly of seven airplanes and five pieces of all laminate airplane Pulsar kits for the German customers was our first order.