Upravit stránku

Quality laminate parts and components

for the aviation, automotive, marine and other industries 

Selection from our references

Product Name: Replica of Gripen plane
Client: SAAB Czech s.r.o.
Material: Hull-polyester, Wing-sepoxid

Product Name: Flowerpot
Client: City of Vienna
Material: Polyester, cloth

Product Name: Projection booth simulator
Client: Simtec Systems 
Material: Epoxid-fiberglasst, rohacell

Product Name: replica SPK-39 and DT 300 GAL
Customer: Ivanov Airctraft Ltd.    
Material: Epoxy-fiberglass, sandwich

Why choose Composit Airplanes?

ČSN EN ISO 90012009
EN ISO 14001:2005
Czech manufacturer
with a 20-year tradition
Individual approach
to customer

We pride ourselves on quality
and precision

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