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We have a wide range of different technologies.

COMPOSIT AIRPLANES spol. s r.o. company has at its disposal a wide variety of different production technologies, which enable our company to offer quite a few  products in various price levels according to customer demands.

We are able to do laminating by epoxy, polyester and vinylester resins. During the production process we use technologies from basic hand-made matrix saturation through a  vacuum technology with a large amount of composite boards to very modern and progressive production of autoclave. Exactly cut and saturated fabric – composit board material is put into a form. In this manner made half-finished product is annealed inside of a special oven under a great pressure.

Materials for every application

Spectrum of used materials is also very wide. Suitable material is chosen in dependence on parametres of the final product. For common construction elements e.g. hoods, wheel covers, swimming pools etc., where no specific requirements are imposed on, we use so called common materials with a good proportion between price and performance.

But we are able to fill a demand for high stregth component parts as well (e.g. component part for acrobatic airplanes) by using the highest quality materials.

Production process - quality assurance

Our company keeps the strictest manufacturing standards. The production itself takes place in a certified workplace with high demands on internal environment, which is (by its parameters) getting near to a laboratory environment. Every part of production process from the source material purchase up to the final check-out is recorded completely.

The production certificate is issued for every construction part in which all the production conditions are strictly declared (temperatures and humidities noticed during the production process and also the final density of temperance). During the production process all the important operations are continuously controlled by a trained specialist and everything is documented thoroughly.

Customer´s  satisfaction means a benchmark of success for us. We prefer the tailor-made approach to every customer. We try to meet all his demands and to find together the optimal way to the successful result. Not just the accuracy and the quality of our products but also the complete sophisticated production logistics is our target.

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