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COMPOSIT AIRPLANES company is based on nearly twenty-year long tradition in production of strength laminate component parts for airplanes of all types and categories. Furthermore we produce also catamaran ships, sidecars, windsurfing floats, laminated moulds, carbon arms designed for production units automatization, component parts for bullet proof vests, police helmets and other products.

Composit Airplanes manufacturing programme includes:

  • serial production
  • custom manufacturing of specific components
  • producing custom parts and products

Laminated component parts production:

  • component parts for aviation industry
  • component parts for shipping industry
  • component parts for automotive industry
  • safety items

Custom manufacturing:

  • manufacturing of moulds designed for whatever products, fifteen-year experience with complete moulding of several types of aircrafts
  • pattern making on CNC milling-cutters
  • prototype, both small-serial and serial custom manufacturing of laminate component parts
  • ballistic panels manufacturing

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